Brussel Mon Amour – Brussel Mijn Amour –

Een schat van een stad – une ville comme un trésor – a city like a tresor.

Brussel Mon Amour is a website about the authenticity of Brussels as former Capital of the Low Countries, of Brabant, and nowadays of Flanders & Belgium, and even the European Union, speaking “Lower German Language”, which became later on called “DUTCH” language (referring back to Deutschland), as the Low Countries where very prosperous centuries ago, and are still nowadays. In earlier times Brussels was bigger than London, and at the same time Antwerp was bigger than Paris.  Definitely Antwerp was the most prosperous city as the citizen were called by the Spanish Kings & People SENORES (Sinjoren nowadays). The King of Spain Carlo Quinto (Charles Quin) was born in Ghent (Flemish unilingual Region. Mary of Burgandy is not burried in Dijon in France, but in Bruges (Brussee)The roots of Brussels are Dutch speaking (Nowadays called Flanders & Netherlands). The Brussels language in the region and provinces of Brabant was called DIETSCH (which became DUTCH in English, for both the Netherlands and the Flemish Region & Brussels Capital Region which is rather a Regional Capital, with a very rich Brabant and Flemish and Low Countries authentic history.

The Initial Language of Brussels is Dutch, whatever some people try to say. It should be respected as much as possible in a city which calls itself as cosmopolitan and mixed city. So you may try to learn some Dutch (Brussels) words. Le Bruxellois comme langue, c’est du néerlandais ou le néerlandais.

Nowadays the city has alot of rich traditions and lovely things to discover. Even the origine of the Urban Districts which call Municipalities explains alot of the history and ecology of the city. Discover this with Brussels Mijn Amour. Discover as well on Facebook alot of interesting events initiated, orgnaised, and often funded by the Institution of the Flemish Community, a Language & Cultural denomination (aside of the French Community, which changed his name in Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, which is a territorial denomination and which gives and politically creates the impression that Brussel(s) is only a French speaking City, which politically has been defined as a Region at the same level as Wallonia & Flemish Region. The Latin Bruxellas comes from Broec-sale, in whish broec is the Dutch for swamps, wet land, pantalon, and sale means house. Indeed, Belgium nowadays is a balcanized country with largely two communities, but five gouvernements and even more administrations. It is famous for its surrealism as the famous René Margritte, a world famous master of surrealistic style.

More to come on this English page and Facebook (daily) on events from the Open Minded Dutch speaking      (Flemish) Community in Brussels, more and more New “Brusseleirs”.

From 7 to 14 October enjoy the “Week of the Dutch Language of Brussels” initiated by Brussel Mon Amour – Brussel Mijn Amour, een schat van een stad – a city like a tresor – une ville comme un trésor. Read more on the Programma on top of this website which will become interactive.